Testi 50cc FS1E AP 50 Lambretta era


This Testi 50 cc motorcycle is probably the sexiest thing on two wheels that I’ve ever seen! It truly is a work of art, a thing of beauty and something to behold!!

The Testi motorcycle factory was based in Bologna Italy just a stone’s throw away from the more well known Ducati factory.

Various models were made over 30 a period and this 50 cc sport was aimed squarely at the younger rider customer base in Italy.

A Minarelli engine in this iconic 1960 example means that spares will be fairly readily available, although the bike runs and rides very well starting first or second kick from cold every time.

With a twist-grip operated gearbox the bike buzzes along with great verve.

This is surely the coolest bike you could ever turn up at that pub bike meet on, you will never see another and everybody will look at it and admire it for sure.

A true work of art that you can ride and enjoy for a mere £3495.00!

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