Kawasaki S1 250 KH 250 1973 Total Restoration SOLD TO PAUL

The early Kawasaki 250 Triples were the fastest, and certainly a lot more nippy than the later KH models that’s for sure.

Also in my view the early models are much more attractive, especially with the twin leading shoe front brake which incidentally is quite a reasonable stopper!

This particular example has covered just 365 miles from a complete rebuild and restoration.

By rebuild I mean absolutely everything engine gearbox chain sprockets tyres brakes the lot.

The paintwork is immaculate and the chrome flawless. in fact the bike looks as though it is just a few weeks old.

The pipes have of course been re-chromed as have the date stamped Tagasako Wheel rims.

Out of curiosity I have examined the mechanics of this machine myself and as you can see the crank is brand-new, you can see the hone marks on the bores, the pistons are new and so on.

The machine rides as well as it looks and you will certainly struggle to find another Kawasaki 250 triple in this wonderful condition anywhere.

You will notice that some pictures show Higg-speed expansion chambers fitted.

You can take your pick and have either those or the standard pipes.




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