Yamaha XS 650 B Sold to Alan

When I was much younger in 1977 I went to test ride a Yamaha XS1 650 twin as I was then riding my Matchless  and wanted something a bit more modern. I have to admit that I was particularly underwhelmed and didn’t buy it as it was kick-start only and a bit wobbly on the bends.

Fast forward to now 2023 and when I had a test ride on this Yamaha XS 650 B I didn’t really know what to expect!

Let me tell you that the later B model is utterly fantastic and I was really really impressed.

The legendary Percy Tate had taken the old XS1 and XS2 models and redesigned the chassis, the rake of the forks and so on.  He completely transformed the bike and now it really handles!

When Percy was in Japan developing the new updated bike, he placed a sheet of stainless steel on a bend at the test track. Every time the old XS2 went round the bend in got into a tank slapper. He re-designed the frame until in just slid in a neutral way and voila! The great handling XS650B was born – electric start and all.

The bike is very grunty with lots of torque. When revved though it also has a great turn of speed!

This is a really low mileage bike which in my opinion is genuine but that is only my opinion. The paint is original as srehe original the alloy rims seat covering and everything else. The bike run sweetly and quietly and will give much pleasure to a new owner.




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