This is a wonderful and unusual motorcycle.

Purchased from DK Motorcycles, this very original GT500 Suzuki needed just a light refresh to get it on the road.

The owner however had other ideas and decided that he preferred the look of the earlier Suzuki T 500.

With this in mind he purchased a brand-new old stock, yes you heard this correctly a brand-new old stock Suzuki T500 tank,  side panels seat etc. To in his eyes make this motorcycle more attractive than the rather bulbous styling of the GT500.

Not wanting to stop there,  the engine was given a full Chris Applebee rebuild with new crank, seals, rebore pistons etc. (All invoices are present to prove this.)

I have ridden this motorcycle quite extensively and can say that you get the best of both worlds. The better looking T 500 styling together with the GT500 front disc brake as opposed to the T 500 drum. The machine although very torquey, gives a surprising turn  speed and can happily keep up and even outperform most modern traffic.


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