Suzuki GT 750 1974 L NOW SOLD

These Suzuki GT 750s are proving very popular right now.

They are smooth running and reliable. What about people don’t actually realise is that the later models with a CV carbs could outperform the legendary Kawasaki 750 H2 triple in both top speed and acceleration (check out contemporary road tests), so they really are great all-round performers.

This particular model is the L designation of 1974 and was the first of the up-rated performing versions with different porting and CV carbs.

This example is one of the better ones that I have had in recent times with the all-important original exhausts being in really excellent all round condition in terms of both chrome and the absence of any dents or scratches.

Part of a private collection for some years the bike is an old restoration but nevertheless we have serviced the bike, setting the ignition timing with the dial gauge balancing the carbs and so on and it really does perform exceptionally well.

We have fitted new fork seals, battery, serviced the brakes, changed the gearbox oil and so on as part of our full service programme.

The machine is in generally excellent condition with no marks on the paint and almost flawless chrome. The original Takasago real rims are present.

The motorcycle is very original with one or two upgrades such as the drilled front discs for better wet weather braking and also the quirky chrome plating to the engine cases and swinging arm. I have had one or two motorcycles from the 70s with chrome plated additions and I believe it was quite a thing back in the day!


I have ridden this motorcycle myself and can vouch for it’s great all round performance.




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