This is an absolutely unique opportunity to own a GT 250 Suzuki that is is as near to as new condition as you will find. It really does look like perhaps a six month old bike!!!!

This is the later B model and looks absolutely correct in every way to me.

The bike has been completely restored from start to finish, re-bored, new crank everything but the most important aspect is the new old stock parts have been used throughout wherever possible. Yes that’s right a brand-new Suzuki exhaust has been fitted, not re-chromed,  Wheel rims new old stock of course everything is absolutely correct and Suzuki wherever possible.

Examine the bike closely and look for instance at the fork lowers, They’re not refurbished ones but they are actually brand-new and  in the correct finish. Look at the Suzuki bolts…… the list is endless.

The bike has covered just 1731 miles since its restoration and having ridden it  I was really surprised how well it went for 250. Especially so when you consider that my normal mount is either a  Kawasaki H2 750  triple or a big Suzuki Kettle so that is indeed so accolade for a 250!

Try to find another Suzuki GT 250B that is in this condition and I think you will struggle.


Please contact David on telephone number 01246863383.

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