Kawasaki 1973 H2 750 Triple Rare UK Bike. !NOW SOLD!

According to the records of the importer of the time, Agrati sales of Nottingham, only 113 of the original Kawasaki H2 Triples were brought into the UK.

Most of the examples you see now have come back from the States but this is one of those very rare original 113 models!

Registered in June 1973 it was quite late to the party and must have been one of the last original H2 examples bought by its eager new owner, as the H2B had been launched by now.

All the UK traits are of course present, such as the original and almost impossible to get hold of rear mud guard, seat with strap and so on.

This particular example was restored some time ago with the original tagasako date coded rims having been re-chromed as have the exhausts. The paintwork is in excellent condition and overall the bike is a wonderful example.

The earlier bikes tend to ride in a slightly more harsh way than the later ones but I can report that this particular example rode very, very well and was quite smooth actually at all rpm, which makes me thing that the crank has been carefully and dynamically balanced.

I enjoyed several rides over a period of days on this particular machine and the good news is I can honestly say it goes like stink! The shorter wheelbase models can be a bit flighty if pushed, but they are more agile than the later ones with the longer swinging arm and if treated with respect they ride very well with a broad spread of torque and scintillating top speed.

Try finding another UK bike like this and a must for the serious collector.


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