Honda CB 750 K2 1972 NOW SOLD

Back in the good old days, I had a gold Honda K2 750 when I was 17, which was quite a bike for a youngster at the time. I went everywhere on it and enjoyed every minute.

Fast forward and my good friend Nick had this bike which I bought from him so that I could have a trip down memory lane.

The bike is everything I hoped it would be and fair credit to Nick he did a brilliant job in setting it up.

These aren’t pattern exhaust they are original Honda ones that were re-chromed.

Nick spent a lot of time getting the carburation just right and the whole thing is in truly wonderful.

As you would expect it rides very very well, smooth silky and can easily keep up with modern traffic.

In fact this last summer Nick and myself visited the David Silver Honda museum in Suffolk and I chose to take this bike which was a great ride of nearly 400 miles on the round-trip cruising effortlessly at 70 mile an hour on the dual carriageways.

So why am I offering it for sale now?  Well I have four K-series Hondas in the showroom and really should have one for myself. They all ride really well and I like them all for different reasons so I’ve decided to offer them for sale and keep the last one if you see what I mean

This one is undoubtedly in the very best condition of all and needs only for a new rear tyre (which will I I will of course put on prior to sale) as I wore the old one out!


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