Ariel Fieldmaster 500 twin 1957 SOLD SOLD


If patina and oily rag condition is your thing then look no further. This wonderful Ariel Fieldmaster 500 twin belies the fact that it has had much work carried out in recent years including an engine rebuild by the venerable Colin Reed Aspley the go to man for Ariel square fours in the UK.

This bike actually belongs to Colin and I have been asked to sell it on his behalf.

Such is the wonderfulness of my job that I have been using this bike for the past couple of weeks to collect parts from local suppliers and I have attended a couple of club meets on it too.

It always attracts an admiring crowd due to the fact that you don’t see many bikes with this kind of patina around these days. It’s even thought that the paint on the tank is completely original and has never been painted.

I can therefore vouch that this bike goes exceptionally well in fact much better than I was expecting and is an easy an first or second kick starter. A fully reconditioned oil pump has also been fitted.

Everything seems to work as it should, the lights charge the mag never fails to provide reliable sparks and the overall behaviour of the machine is hard to fault.

This bike is waiting for a new owner to enjoyed and priced fairly at £3895.00

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