Tatran Scooter 1966 Lambretta Vespa era 125cc


If you’re into scooters, you will have heard of Lambretta and Vespa of course but Tatran? Well these were hugely popular scooters in the 60s and early 70s but are quite a rare thing in the UK! In fact if you go to any scooter meet I bet you won’t see another one that’s for sure!

The Tatran Skutry was made in what was Czechoslovakia and of course you will know Czechoslovakian engineering is first class!

This scooter has had an enormous amount of restoration work carried out and there is a huge history and bills file to show this.

I did take the scooter for a test ride and all seem to work fine. In actual fact the performance was quite amazing I thought!

I lovely piece of scooter history and nostalgia and very reasonably priced at £2,895.00

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