Suzuki GT 750 1977 NOW SOLD!!

This is one of the best riding Suzuki gt 750s that I’ve ever owned.  It really is one of my favourites!  This is a later B model which has had one or two improvements as you can see most notably the exhaust system.

Now usually I’m not a big fan of expansion chambers on two strokes. All too often in my view they are irritatingly noisy after a while and kill much of the mid-range power.

However the allspeeds on this bike I believe were actually commissioned or approved by the Kettle club and get a useful 10 bhp upgrade. They’re also fairly quiet with just a crisp crackle. The centre stand is also retained, which from my perspective as a vehicle technician is a great bonus when working on the bike.

We have given this bike a good service changed the coolant gearbox oil, output shaft seal and gear selector shaft seal, checked the timing and so on and also we have replaced the rear shocks. A brand-new grab rail mirrors etc have also been fitted  by us so the bike does really look as good as it goes.




Please contact David on telephone number 01246 863383.

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