Suzuki GT 550 1975 Sold To Richard.

This wonderfully original Suzuki GT 550 was first registered in January 1975.

It is rare to find bikes that have retained their originality such as this and this amazing example won’t disappoint.

A resident of Minnesota for much of its life, this goes to explain the exceptional condition of the chrome work generally including mudguards & original Tagasako wheel rims, with the correct date codes on. This also goes for the spokes, exhaust and so on.  All of the original stickers seem to be in place which was a thing Suzuki had in the 1970s and I also believe that the paintwork is original.

You will notice the correct glitter type GT badges on the side panels as opposed to the repro ones which are solid red.

The exhaust themselves are in wonderful condition with little or no dings and scrapes. There it’s some chrome lifting on top of the right-hand exhaust at the rear but that’s about it, it’s just cosmetic and the pipes are 100% solid.

Showing just 13,693 miles there is no way to know whether this is correct or not but I suppose it is possible given the overall condition of the bike.

I have ridden this machine extensively over a few days as part of my appraisal process and can vouch that it always starts first push of the button in the morning and goes exceptionally well.

The bike also comes with some history including the original GT 550 owners handbook that is original and not a copy which in its self is a wonderful thing to have.

With bills of over £1500 in relatively recent re-commissioning work.


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