Kawasaki S3A KH400



The 400 cc Kawasaki Triples are probably the most popular models overall. They have a rubber mounted engine and are smooth, easy to manage and have a great turn of speed.

The S3A was also much faster than the KH400 and in a contemporary 1974 road test clocked 108 miles an hour and the quarter mile was covered in just over 14 seconds, so as I say it was quite a bit faster than the KH400 and nearly on par with the later 500

This bike is quite rare in that it’s a genuine UK model and has clearly been completely restored. The paint is by dream machine and has a beautiful deep lustre. The chrome work is in excellent condition overall and the original Tagasako rims that are date stamped are of course present.

Looking at the engine and frame numbers this is actually one of the very last S3A models before it became the KH 400 and this may explain the locking petrol cap on the tank.

Currently fitted with expansion chambers, the bike starts easily and goes very well indeed.

The bike is also available whith the standard factory exhausts but it’s an either-or-situation. You can have either the expansion chambers or the standard pipes. If you up for the standard pipes then please add an extra £250 to the purchase price because these are very difficult to get and there are no repro ones available currently that I know of.

So there you are a great bike in wonderful condition that goes very well and also very reasonably priced at £8250.00


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