Kawasaki 750 triple H2B model. 1974 OTHERS AVAILABLE


I love the Kawasaki H2B model.

They’re a little more sophisticated to ride than the early variants but still have a bit more fire and go than the later C models.

The example pictured here is a bike that I’ve been riding quite a lot lately and it will easily top hundred miles an hour yet manage the grind in heavy traffic without any issue.

The 750s such as this are actually easy to ride with a broad spread of torque and a long wheelbase makes them actually more reasonably handling than say a Suzuki GT 750.

This  particular example has a UK rear guard and also has a twin discs which was of course an option if you ticked that’s very expensive box when new!

I HAVE QUITE A FEW H2 VARIANTS and just one of them is pictured here.

I ride them all so there might be a few squashed flies here and there but they’re all in absolutely great running condition as indeed they should be are not museum pieces.

Priced from £17, 895.00


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