Honda 450 Black Bomber


This is the motorcycle that took the world by storm in the 1960s.

Its performance was such that I believe it was banned from production racing due to its unique torsion bar valve gear which seems odd but such was the stir it caused when introduced.

When compared to the contemporary British offerings, the Honda was much more sophisticated with its electric start and oil tight reliability.

This is a 1966 model that surprisingly wasn’t registered until 1968. The reason it hung around on the dealer showrooms was probably the price as these are fairly expensive when new.

The bike has been completely rebuilt by the well known Honda restorer Chris Saxby which gives great provenance and added value.

The rest of the machine though is in fairly original and excellent condition.

On road test it performed well through all the gears and provided much better performance than I was expecting generally from a 450 cc machine.

For sale on the customer’s behalf this is a unique opportunity to purchase an original machine at what can only be described as a very reasonable price.


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